Performers of the Hanasaki school

Hanasaki Michika

Every Friday night at Takanawa Civic Center
Every Sunday morning at Shirokanedai Iki-iki Plaza

Hanasaki Hisa

Hanasaki Shino


Every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Gakuge-daigaku Station lesson studio
1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at Mitaka lesson studio
Twice a month on Mondays at Takanawa lesson studio
*Advance reservation required

Hanasaki Sessui

Branch manager of the Hiroshima branch of the Jiutamai Promotion Fundation

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at the lesson studio in Yamate-cho, Hiroshima City.

Hanasaki Tamajo

Hanasaki Towa

Seijogakuen-mae Lesson studio
Atami Lesson studio

Hanasaki Sada

She has Polish and Japanese roots. As an artist, she lives in Berlin and Warsaw. She became Natori of Hanazaki school in 2020.

Lesson (Language: English/Polish)
Please contact me directly to book lessons or workshops in Berlin. I also accept on-site lessons within Europe.

Hanasaki Yukino

Hanasaki Sumichika

Hanasaki Kaname

Lives in Trinidad and Tobago

Hanasaki Suzuchiyo

Mitaka City Shinkawa lesson studio