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Hanasaki Tokijyo Events Information

26 Apr. -
07 May 2024
Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago Celebrating the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan

06 Jul. 2024
Hanasaki Tokijyo will perform Jiutamai at the Japanese music event in Meiji Kinenkan
23 Sep. 2024
Hanasaki-kai will hold at Kanze Noh-gakudo (Noh Theater) in GINZA SIX
23 Nov. 2024
A presentation by Hanaski school disciples will be held at Mubyoan in Mitaka.
30 Nov. 2024
Edo cuisine and Jiutamai event will hold at Namijiya in Nihonbashi

Dancer gestures reduced to a bare minimum.

Jiutamai consists chiefly of floor-level circular movements and eschews any kind of jumping or leaping. In this sense it is closest of all forms of Japanese dance to the original meaning of mai(mai means to circle or turn without leaving the ground). It is even more subdued than the restrained yet power filled dance of Noh. In part this is because it's performers are women, but a more basic reason is that the dancers themselves consciously developed the form in that direction.

Jiutamai does not try to express feeling with direct realism, however. Quite the reverse, the dancer uses all her power to suppress it. She moves quietly, almost as though has happened, with no jumping or leaping or quick changes of pace, her gestures reduced to a bare minimum.